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Saturday, September 26, 2015

81 miles and a broken spoke in Fort Thomas, AZ

At the 60 mile mark, we stopped at the Dollar General in Fort Thomas to have something to drink and I heard a ping. A front spoke broke. Better while stopped than while moving. Not really the highpoint of anyone's ride.

A broken spoke can cause a wheel to 'taco' and it is as bad as it sounds. If you're moving, you can go down. So thankfully it happened while sitting in the hot sun not going anywhere.

Then there is the problem of what to do next. Thankfully I carry a kevlar spoke which is a piece of very strong string and a fitting which screws into the spoke. I've never used one before but I'd heard good things.

It got me the 20 miles to town and an open bike shop. The very nice owner replaced the spoke, trued the wheel and sold me a tube of chain lube for $18. A bargain. They are closed on Sunday so I had to cycle like the wind to get there in time. Today is Saturday. I'm exhausted.

At least we're in an air conditioned rec center tonight. Hopefully I will be able to sleep better than last night. While the facility was nice, it got noisy. There were coyotes, drunks, dogs and motorcyclists. The sodium lighting made it as bright as day. I'm not sure anyone slept.

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