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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Salome today, Wickenburg, AZ tomorrow

Major thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow to include something like an inch and a half of rain. We're riding in very exposed territory so it will be important to try and avoid the lightening and flash flooding. The good news is that while more humid, the temperature should drop a bit. It is 104°F now. When I rolled into town it was already close to 100°.

We're staying in a motel tonight so there was time for a bit of exploring and socialising. One guy's birthday was today so we sang hbty; mostly in key, which was quite surprising.

2 folks got rides today due to the heat. It hasn't been terribly difficult for needy folks to get rides, bikes and bags and all. There are a lot of nice people out there willing to help. People routinely ask where we're going. Most are supportive. Very few tell us we're nuts.

More ice cream today although I did find a very nice salad for lunch here on Salome.

Camping tomorrow and the rain forecast have me thinking about a room in Wickenburg for the night. There seem to be many motels there, so I may choose to avoid camping in the rain if the rain really develops. Complexity of camping goes way up when it rains. I'm not about deprivation and suffering. Others will sneer. I will be dry.

Looks like about 1500' of climbing tomorrow and 54 miles.

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