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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Quartzite, out of season

Quartzite exists for the freeway. All the business's cater to truckers and people passing through.

There is apparently a 'season' here and it doesn't start till October. Much of this town is closed.

It was not possible to find any business to ship my stuff; that will have to wait for Monday at the earliest, and possibly Phoenix. Mailbox USA is really Mailbox big town USA! No FedEx or UPS or Staples. We are so spoiled and lucky.

I have done the town and there is no more to do.

Tomorrow, Salome, AZ. Should also be a short ride; in the 35 mile range. I've stopped looking at elevation data. If it's steep, why worry, and if it's not, it'll be a pleasant surprise.

You can see elevation data in Google maps if interested. Just make sure you use the bicycle routing and it appears automatically.

My health is good. Sore tuchus, but knees and feet good, no cramping despite the heat, no chest pain no matter how hard I push.

Drinking an unbelievable amount of water and anything else I can find. I have had 2x 44 oz drinks in an hour on two separate days. Getting enough fluids is no joke and our leader is working with some who aren't figuring this out.

Today is a lot more relaxed, not least because we got in around noon and are in a motel.

I need to break away a bit and espeially when it rains next week, and stay in more motel's. My disposition will certainly improve. Some of these people thrive a little to much on pain and misery.


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