Paul Zak's Strava activities

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I will be leaving the tour tomorrow

Over the past few days, I've decided that this tour isn't the way I want to see the country and so tomorrow I will part with the ride. The schedule is, of necessity fixed and there is limited opportunity to see the things I'd want to see. Clearly I can keep up with the riders but I've been forced to ask myself why I'd want to.

It's never been about making the milage on a schedule or about getting to St Augustine, Florida. I naively thought I'd get to see more than in a car or plane.

The path this ride takes is often, of necessity, heavily traveled truck routes. If this were a passion I could justify the risk, but merely being able to say I biked across the country and didn't see much because of the demanding schedule doesn't justify this risk for me.

Adventure Cycling published a perfectly accurate description of the ride. It is exactly as they said it would be; a ride with a fixed schedule for the experienced and self sufficient rider. Any misjudgment is mine alone. The leader is seasoned and conducted all phases of the tour in an appropriate and professional way.

For the great and passionate folks who continue, I will miss them and wish them all the best and above all, a safe ride.

Monday I'll be able to rent a car, I expect to be back in the Bay Area by Wednesday or so.


  1. A shame it didn't turn out to be what you were looking for in the trip. Enjoy some relaxation. John.

  2. Paul, what a crazy surreal adventure! Just was thinking of you today and sought out your blog. Soooo glad to hear you peeled off. Thanks for sharing with humor. Hope you are well and back in the saddle. Therese

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