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Friday, September 25, 2015

Most dangerous part of ride so far

If I'd known what this morning's ride was going to be like, I wouldn't have done it.

Highway 60 out of Superior is largely uphill and under construction. There is a tunnel 2 miles out of town with a passing lane which was closed. This road has heavy truck and support vehicles. They move fast and many of the drivers are impatient and intolerant of bike traffic. At one point, it was so bad that I just leaned into the guard rail and stopped to avoid the tires only a foot or a foot and a half away from me. Some drivers want to make a point. Point taken.

I have never felt more exposed or in jeopardy and hope never to feel that way again. This part of the ride should be bridged by rental vehicle or other means, at least until construction is complete.

One of our group who's been struggling has apparently been told she needs to find alternate transportation out. Her ride is over. She's a very sweet and passionate lady who wanted very badly to complete this ride.

Unfortunately, she came without basic skills or abilities to do the ride. She was initially unable to change a flat or shift competently. She admitted not having trained for the ride and walked the hills. The heat caused even more trouble. She caught rides on many days. The leader worked with her until it became obvious that this just wasn't going to work.

The ride is a passion for many of the folks on this trip. For me, it's a lark. Fun to see new things, but not a bucket list item.

This would be a stupid way to die or get hurt.

I'm in Globe now, about 8 miles from the campsite.

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