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Monday, September 21, 2015

Good ride to Wickenburg, AZ

The rain held off today during the ride. It's threatening now but even this is half hearted. It was enough to scare folks into setting up tents quickly, but it has stopped for the moment. Depending on who you listen to we'll either have 2" and flooding or the storm has been downgraded and is moving east.

The ride was a lot more pleasant today. The overcast kept the temperature down which made a great change from the past few days. I've been carrying my standard 3 water bottles and a 1 gallon plastic jug just strapped on. Didn't need the jug today.

This is a biggish town with a population of about 6000. Compared to the towns we've been in, it's civilization.

People in the small towns we've been passing through are survivors living on minimal resources. Most houses are ramshackle affairs with more in common with sheds than houses.

I picked up another wire from an exploded retread heading into town this afternoon and when I looked for my patch kits, I couldn't find any. This is a serious boneheaded mistake, but luckily, I found a small bike shop in town with patch kits (I bought the last 2) and 3 tubes.

I was the first in to camp today (Horsepetality RV park)and started working with the owner, Jan to organize our stay bathroom code, campsite location, WiFi PW, etc.. She was so helpful and sweet. When the bulk of our folks arrived one guy went to tell her that he was going to sleep in the rec room because he didn't want to get his tent wet. She found me to say that if all hell broke loose, of course we could use the rec room, but short of that she didn't appreciate being told anything by our riders.  By then the leader (Creed) arrived and we applied copious helpings of charm. It might not surprise some of you to learn this bull in a china shop is from Connecticut.

I think I'll sneak a way in a bit for a nice quiet Mexican burrito. There seems to be a Mexican restaurant down the road a piece.

Tomorrow we head into Phoenix and stay in a hostel for 2 nights. Wednesday is a well earned rest day.

Not sure how likely, but I'd love to find a pool to sit by.

My nose is crispy, though I have started applying sunscreen, belatedly. Other than that, all is good.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday educating an Aussie on the finer points of the Kaiser system as opposed to fee for service. If Australia suddenly opens a Kaiser branch, I want a cut.

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