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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick update from Alpine roadside

It's pouring. I have water where water shouldn't be. My feet are floating.

Day one. Auspicious. The ride wouldn't be bad otherwise. Only got lost once in a park where the trail turned un-ridable and I wound up pushing the fully loaded bike uphill on a very narrow path.

I have stopped to refuel in a great little dive taco shop and had a veggie burrito of course. I've been living on sugar lately. Bad, very bad.

The group ranges from 51 to 70, every one a character. Creed, our leader has met his match. The map meeting last night almost turned ugly. One guy from New Zealand,  needs more transliteration than the one from Holland. What, exactly is luncheon meet anyway? Our New Zealander won't eat it.

They aren't all that happy about the one vegetarian in the group and no one has any dietary issues except for tree nuts, dairy, uncooked apples, pears, or peaches and, apparently lunchen meat. Two guys with c-pap machines want to sleep near power when possible. Those darn vegetarians.

So far charming and amusing.  We're already sharing washing machine loads. You have to watch 3 guys doing laundry to believe it. Cold or warm? Color or permanent press? Dryer? Hell no, Spandex will only fit a barbie doll if you do that.

Then it's done and we get to claim the bits and pieces. Pick up the clean underwear by the edge.  Euwww. Mine, mine, not mine, mine, no ones, one sock, mine, next sock, yours, and so on.

Photos in the rain at the taco stand is more than I can manage so unless the sun comes out all of a sudden there won't be any today. I'm about 4 miles from the campsite so I should be in a hot shower within the hour if all goes to plan. Hopefully it isn't going to rain all night. That just sucks in a tent.

More to come.

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