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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The rain has come to Phoenix

It has just started pouring in downtown Phoenix the likes of which I haven't seen in a while. Some of us got to the hostel before noon and went exploring others napped. I'm on foot, downtown looking for dinner but I'm pinned down in the doorway of an office building. The temperature has dropped to a very comfortable level but I'm getting hungrier.

We rode from Wickenburg to Phoenix today. 59 miles, mostly level or downhill but with a slight headwind.

The route took us on a series of bike trails which led us about 20 miles into town. Kudos for an extensive and well maintained bike path system.

The transit system is also quite good. I've bought an all day pass and probably will again tomorrow for the rest day.

Send your suggestions for what to do if you know Phoenix.

Wickenburg was a very pleasant time. I went for a walk and found a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant for dinner. I'm developing a reputation for going it alone. When I include people, they decline so I've stopped offering. Many seem to want to be led. Perhaps they figure they paid for the food so they should never range far from the floating kitchen. 16 bikes can carry an impressive amount of food.

Last night's map meeting was a train wreck. No amount of explanation was sufficient for some. For gods sake, these people are traveling cross country on bikes. They need to do some navigation! The maps we have are outstanding and the specific detail related to the hostel's location were flawless.

Most folks are intelligent and competent. A few, shall we say, are interesting characters.

The rain is still coming down but the grumble in my stomach is drawing attention. Time to weather the storm and find a tavern with an alcoholic beverage or two.

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