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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pre-ride Coronado trip

Linda left this morning and has made it safely back to San Jose in record time.

I can't believe Linda left me here all alone.
I got myself to the SD/Coronado ferry and took the ride. Coronado is a favorite. I was first to the Hotel del Coronado when I was about 16 and went with family friends. I've been back 2 or three times since and it a great place to stay if you haven't yet been. It's where a Some Like it Hot was filmed here if you're a film buff.

Hotel del Coronado

Once through Coronado, I headed down the Silver Strand Highway winding up at Imperial Beach, The farthest south you can go in California, on the beach. I wended my way around this area, and found the Customs and Border Patrol horse stables, a Navy airbase and a bunch of farms.

This guy is guarding a restaurant in Coronado.

Silver Strand has a great bike path. The trip back up on the San Diego side is broken up with some good and some dodgy paths.

A little warm today but a great day in any case. I'm already looking forward to coming back to Coronado. We're supposed to get some rain for a couple of days. That ought to be interesting.

Tomorrow is the shakedown ride. Tuesday we hit to road.

Good pizza in SD? Who knew? Bronx Pizza is pretty damn good! It passed Linda's test.

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