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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Last night in Palo Verde

Very tough ride yesterday. 64 miles and 97° temps. Keeping enough salt, sucrose, water in you is the trick.

Unfortunately, I'm beginning to understand the true nature of this ride and it's concerning.

This trip is largely about packing, unpacking, sugar, beef, and the more or less continual search for potable water.

I have sent a few things back and more will head out later today when I find a post office. The computer I had hoped of writing the blog on and the hiking boots must go. While I'm taking photos, I will need to publish them at the end of the ride. There just isn't time for more.

The farmland and water devoted to silage down here is unimaginable. They even still grow some cotton. So this is where the Colorado river water goes.

Today we cross into Arizona. I'm hoping that the tenting will become more of a routine and less hunting for things in the dark. Because of the heat, we've been getting up at 4:30 to begin packing. Just keeping track and not losing things in the dark is an undertaking. I'm fine with being up at that hour, nothing to be gained by waiting.

Everyone is cheerful. Some seem to take naturally to the camping. Food is pretty much chaos. Not a lot of logic to what's bought. Some creative sole bought 5 cucumbers yesterday. I carried 4 to the next campsite. We have more peanut butter and preserves than we'll use in a month, but we carry it all.

Just by way of technical details. The solar panel I brought works well and I can generally charge the Garmin GPS. Unfortunately, there aren't enough hours of sunlight from the time I get into camp, to fully charge the cellphone. This means I'm operating on a deficit. If you don't see a blog entry, it could be because power is down or, like yesterday, the campsite WiFi did not work.

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