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Friday, September 25, 2015

Globe, a thriving little town

Globe is a happening place. It supposedly has a population of 1600 but you couldn't tell from the Walmart, the dance and Marshall arts studios and banks. Road construction is booming here too. I saw a very large Republican headquarters, Democrats, not  brave enough to have a storefront? Or perhaps there just aren't any.

This afternoon we find ourselves in a very nice community center/park. The town has opened up the pool shower room and allows us to camp on a nice, flat grassy area. It's as good as camping can get!

There is a small archeological site here so since I'm all cleaned up, it's time to go exploring.

Tomorrow's ride to Safford, AZ is supposed to be 81 miles, but without most of the climbing we did today. No word yet on the relative safety of this segment, but it's pretty clear that AZ highway 60 is rough in places.

Lunch was a veggie omelet and a gallon of ice tea. The nice waitress says they get a lot of bicyclists. Apparently some part of the economy appreciates having us pass through.

One last thing about today's ride. We passed at least 2 very large open pit copper mines. One seemed to have some ore processing going on. In town, there are the expected urgent care offices along with company hiring, training offices and associated support companies.

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