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Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday we head to San Diego

The last of the concrete for the San Jose foundation was poured on Wednesday. That part of the of the house is now supported by 10 additional cubic yards of concrete in addition to a dozen screw jacks and a mess of rebar. Danny Hall is helping me to finish up some last details related to stucco and a misaligned window caused by the lift. James is finishing up site work and fence repair.

I can't say enough good things about James and his guys. He is always there when he says he will be and the work has moved as quickly as it possibly could. In hindsight, next time I decide to raise a house an inch and a half, I'll try to avoid a schedule with a hard stop.

The trip has an e-mail distribution list which has been buzzing for weeks. Everything is a send-all. People are excited which is good. Not every note has been of high value, shall we say. I couldn't quite tune it out because there was always the possibility of something important coming from the leader. Because misery likes company, here is a short list of the topics.
  • Is anyone bringing spare tubes? (Yes, of course everyone should.)
  • How much pannier space to devote to group equipment and supplies. (Important, 25%)
  • La Nina's impact on weather in the next two months. (Unresolved other than the certainty of rain.)
  • Should one member move their tour date to next year to avoid La Nina weather phenomena.
  • All manner of 'what if' disaster scenarios. (Drowning on a bicycle or even in a campsite is rare.)
  • A question about whether to bring bug spray. (Yes, there are bugs in the south.)

This has been going on for 6 weeks. The ride will be almost as long.

The ride is just under 2100 miles and notwithstanding the e-mail send-alls, I am looking forward to it. The camping, not so much. I will learn to love camping. Right?

Having the house sorted is a very good thing.

More later in the week.

Dig the holes.

Place the re-bar.
Pour the piers.
Jack with the hydraulic jack and support with the screw jack.
Remove hydraulic jack, place forms, and pour concrete.


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