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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Someone is sleeping in my bed. No really.

I must need a karma adjustment. Someone moved my stuff and went to sleep in my bunk. These are the indignities of travel like this. Kind of nervie, huh?

The biking is not all that complicated or difficult. The people part is not easy or intuitive.

The old saw: 'Family stinks like fish after 3 days.'

What's the time period for biking acquaintances sleeping in the same room?

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  1. Loving your rolling commentary and stories - makes me ever-so-thankful not to be as crazy as you, undertaking such an adventure!! I hope you're keeping up with your caloric intake, getting some shut-eye (in whatever bed you can find) and finding some enjoyment in the company. We all miss you here in NCAL.
    - Rob G